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Best Phone Mount for your car

THIS is the best phone mount for your car. I’ve tried several. I started out with one I purchased from target, but it was bulky and had parts I had to put on my phone that were hard to remove every time I wanted to use it…sooooo I went hunting for a better option. I FOUND IT on Amazon where all the things are found that really make a difference in my life.

It comes with two magnetized stickers you place inside your phone case (one small and one large) and everything needed to either place on your windshield or your dashboard. It stays put and swivels just where you want it to be. Seriously in LOVE with this product.

I use Google Maps quite a bit, since I’m still learning (yes I’ve been here in Utah 7 years buuuuttt) the North, South, East, West crap here in Utah instead of “just turn right at the fork in the road”, or ”
drive all the way down the dirt road until you see the creek “crick” and make a fast right” or
just go a spit distance from the mailbox on hwy whatever and turn left”… hahahahahaha #TEXAN

So, this is seriously is a life saver for me. I wouldn’t link a product without my highest recommendation so trust me when I say this one is the best. As busy as I am I need something quick, with easy on, easy off removal as I am always in and out of my car. I’m sure the rest of you need this function in your life as well, so check it out!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend and all your shopping on line dreams come true on Amazon.

Here’s the link: Scosche MAGWDM MagicMOUNT Magnetic Window Mount for Mobile Devices

Happy shopping! Laurie

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