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Perfect Homemade Brownies

Valentines Day (…actually any day…) is the perfect time to bake some amazing homemade chocolate brownies. I love a good, moist, delicious brownie with a side of Bluebell Homemade Vanilla Ice cream (you southerners know what I’m talking about ;)) BUT since I don’t live in my home state of TX anymore, whipped cream and strawberries will have to do.  Sad day, but at least it’s a good second choice right?   There really isn’t anything better to me than the smell of homemade brownies cooking in the oven and a good movie on TV to watch.  Preferably with the one you love (in my case the best hubs in the world…Rob) and of course a bonus would be eating that brownie in a clean house.

I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those gals who loves a clean house and the ability to relax and wind down at the end of a long day or long week while enjoying a little piece of heaven.  In the form of dessert.  In this case, my choice is a warm, delicious brownie.  It’s truly an out of body experience when the stars align and all of the above happens.  It’s rare for me actually!  I’m not gonna lie and make you sit back and believe I have the “perfect life” because it’s just not true.  My life is perfectly imperfect.  Reality: I’m a full time working mom/grammie who rarely has time to clean my home, do laundry or even SIT down and relax.  So when I happen to have no dishes in my sink and no other important things to get done before the next day begins (which is rare) …I ENJOY IT.

I believe we are all just way to busy in this day and we truly need to SLOW DOWN.  One of my goals this year is to try and make more “moments” happen with the ones I love most.  Preferable with brownies. 🙂

Now, I have posted this recipe before, but decided it’s just too good not to post again. Plus it’s almost V-day and you really need these in your life. Enjoy!

(Right click on the recipe card and save to your desktop.  You can then print on your home printer or send off to print on a 4×6 photo from your favorite print shop.)

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