About Me


This is ME, with reading glasses because I’m old…well getting there, and this is my place to happily document my creations as I go about my life as a friend, neighbor, daughter, sister, wife and mother. I created this website because I needed a place to document my life and all my favorite hobbies and ideas. I love all forms of crafting. Well, except for knitting or crochet…just can’t get into those, lol, but pretty much everything else. 🙂 Here you will find my life and ideas documented through photos of recipes, step by step tutorials, craft projects, digital recipe cards, ideas, trial/error experiences of all sorts of products and more. I will also be posting video tutorials for those who are interested in creating along side me in “real time”. Through creating daily I have found that it’s the best way to express myself, no matter what my mood is. It helps me to become who I am supposed to be, which I hope is a better wife, mother, friend, sister, neighbor, and child of God.


I named my blog ‘Take 5 and Create’ for two reasons. Number one reason is because my favorite number happens to be five. This is because there are 5 of us in my immediate family. That would consist of me, my husband Rob and our three kids (Wade, Leanna, and Krista). Number two reason is because it’s a nod to my musical and theatre background where the phrase “Take 5” meant to take the next five or so minutes and “regroup” before continuing. I highly recommend taking five minutes a day (or more) and doing something you truly love. That’s when this blog became real for me. I wanted to document the ways I did exactly that. Every day “moments” that got me back to my center. For me that is in different forms depending on the day. Sometimes it’s a recipe I love, or sometimes it’s a inspirational experience or quote or moment shared on the phone with my mama, and sometimes it’s a form of crafting. So that is my story and the reason this blog was born.


I was a professional Country Music Artist for 6 years in the great state of Texas, where I was born and raised. But after really considering my life at a major crossroad through that journey, I chose what I like to think of as “the higher road”, to be a stay-at-home mom and raise my three young kids. Music was my second dream…they were my first. Looking back I still don’t regret that very difficult and hard decision to stop my singing career so many years ago. They are my world and my heart. I do continue to sing and inspire others (I hope) through music. I’ve music directed many community and high school musicals and taught personal voice lessons for years. I happen to have two of my three kids in the “industry”and BOTH are working towards a Acting BFA degree at Utah Valley University. Both can be seen on the stage at The Hale Center Theater -Orem. My middle child is artsy as well, and a professional wedding photographer and multi-media artist. You can find her work on her blog LeannaRachelPhotography or you can follow her on Insta at @leannarachelphotography or her art on Instagram @thewaterandinkstudio. So, you could say, it’s really never left me… I just use that love in a different way and man is it rewarding. More rewarding than I could’ve imagined. Family is everything to me. I’m one proud “stage mom”.


Here we are taking our Christmas photo 2015… this is real life people! They are each crazy and wonderfully mine. Leanna is married to Brennen and they have my first grandson, Little Logan Reese who was born August 2016.

I go by Grammy and that is my most favorite role at the moment.


My biggest inspiration is my dear southern mama, who is literally the Energizer Bunny, the “True” Glinda the good witch (now you can see where the theatre background stems from.) She is always full of ideas, inspiration, love, and never-ending support for her 8 children. She still continues to always find the best ways to make memories last a lifetime in our family.

If you like what you see, dig in and create alongside me! I love to inspire and to be inspired by others.

Enjoy MY journey and thank you for stopping by.