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Americana BURLAP Pillows

I love to create and decorate my porch swing for each holiday.  This time I wanted to use BURLAP.  It’s a messy piece of material but I believe it’s SO worth it after seeing the results.  Here are my instructions.
Cutting the burlap straight is key so your pillows (or other projects) line up right.  When I learned about this method I literally danced a small dance.  It’s a miracle.  I’ve shared this tip with every fabric person I know and it’s also changed their life as well.
After getting the edges perfectly even you will need to cut 4 pieces 16″x16″ (2-RED burlap, and 2 Tan) and also two long tan ones  24″x12″.  You could also decide what size you want and just go with it.  BE CREATIVE!
I made some fun ruffles too.  They are 2″ wide.  I think they were a yard long.  SAVE YOUR STRING that you pulled out to find the perfect cutting line.  You will use that to sew this ruffle to your project.  It’s so easy and so cute.  Adds tons of sass and style.
Next, I turned to the greatest machine…the Silhouette Cameo.  I’ve had mine about a year now and love it more and more each day.  Today I chose three different designs they offer in their LARGE library.  Just made them the size I wanted for my pillows and cut them out onto card stock.  The stars I actually duplicated a few times after deciding on the size and printed on vinyl so it would just stick right to my burlap.  It worked perfectly.  
Then I grabbed my painters tape, the best spray paint and got to work on what turned into a very hot day.
Mask off your project leaving an overlap of tape on the right and left sides.  It’s helped keep the project down on my cardboard box outside as the wind was blowing and literally kept me sane.  I covered the stripes up with another piece of left over wood I had in my garage while I sprayed the top layer blue then let it dry and repeated that method with the stripes in red.  It was fast.  Krylon makes the best paint.  I did the same for the “America the beautiful” wording as well.  I wanted a little tie dye affect on this one so I randomly sprayed around the burlap after the wording was dry.  I love the look.  
For the other pillow (Map/America) I used acrylic white paint and just stenciled it on because I didn’t have any more spray paint in white.  Before I did that I punched out a super cute small heart ($1.99 at Michaels) and ran it through my sticker maker.  Then put it “Deep in the Heart of Texas” right where I was born and raised.  You could do that for wherever you are from to add a personal touch. 🙂
Now to finish.  Grab a big bag of Poly Fil.  Find two cute blue buttons and some trim.  Gather your “pulled” red burlap thread and a tapestry needle.
I sewed (right sides together) each of the pillows.  Right, Top, and Left.  I then turned it inside out.  Stuffed each one  and sewed the bottom shut then started adding the embellishments.
I used my Fabri-Tac (no sew glue for fabric) to tac on the buttons.  You could probably use hot glue as well.  Then you hand stitch the ruffle on turning down the ends as you go.  I am in love with this one.  Maybe it’s because it’s my favorite color…maybe it’s because it has a heart from my state…either way it’s making me smile.  I added the picture of the tie-dye one so you could see what it looked like just after it finished drying.  It’s cute too.
Ok…so here they are standing tall and proud just like all of us Americans do every day.  I’m so pleased with the results and have my Silhouette, my brain, my skills, and the great country of America to thank.  I’m grateful everyday to be an American and to live the life I choose to live.

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    Brittnei Washington
    July 3, 2013 at 8:35 am

    Oh my! You make this look so easy, but I know if I tried it and you weren't here I would probably have like 10 questions because that's how I am! 🙂 Beautiful, beautiful work! Visiting you from the Summer Blog Hop. Have a great week!

    <3 Brittnei

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    Take 5 and Create
    July 3, 2013 at 11:57 pm

    Thank you Brittnei! Nice of you to hop over. 🙂 Have a safe and happy 4th. – Laurie

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