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Baby Art

Baby Art with Logan. Logan is my little grandson. He is PERFECT. Of course you probably think I’m biased, but really… come over and meet him! He is really a dream.

Well, I remember when my babies were little and I seem to find myself thinking of them at that time in my life more and more as I get older. I remember when Wade was just a little 6 month old and trying to keep him at bay during the day. He was a VERY busy boy and was so inquisitive about EVERYTHING. So I thought I’d do “pre”preschool, or “mommy time” with him daily to help him develop his little mind that was literally LIGHT years ahead of mine. lol

We’d color (he’d try to eat the crayons), we’d read (he LOVED books), we’d walk around the neighborhood and I’d explain everything he saw to him. I’d do all kinds of creative, quick thinking things to keep him occupied and if I was lucky he’d get worn out and take a good long nap. That didn’t occur very often, but when it did I was so grateful.

Logan is a LOT like his uncle Wade and is very inquisitive and alert. He LOVES books and pretty much everything around him. He loves sounds, nature, and basically any attention he can get from me and of course Toby when I watch him. Toby is still pissed he was born (hahaha). Toby has been replaced and he knows it. We are hoping Toby will soften within the next 18 years and become great pals with little Lo.

Until then, I’ve decided we need to start giving Lo more arts/crafts/nature walks/ and “time” so he can continue to develop that little mind. These sweet little spirits that are coming to earth in this day and age are even more advanced than my kids were, I feel, and ready for knowledge even faster. Maybe I didn’t pay attention then or didn’t really care about that too much, but I’m sure of it now. Technology is everywhere and I swear babies are born with an automatic Insta account, a personal hashtag, and even a iphone in their tiny little hands. BUT. FOR. REAL. So bring on GRAMMIE TIME is what I say. Unplugged and personal.

I started scouring Pinterest and found some great ideas! (Old school grammies can be techie too!)

One idea that I found was painting. Logan’s mama is so creative and an out right amazing artist, so I thought paint would be fun to try. Didn’t want the mess though and didn’t want to “show” him but let him create his own magic so I devised a plan.

I went to Walmart and picked up some art paper, some paints, and some jumbo ziplock bags. He does tummy time a lot right now while he is little so I thought this would be perfect.

All you do is put a piece of the paper inside the jumbo ziplock bag and drop dollops of paint (all different colors or just a few) on the paper. Zip up the bag removing as much air as possible and place on the floor or on the tray of your highchair and let him go to town just pressing down on it with his/her cute hands. May have to help get them started (lead by example right?) but then they get it and they start SMASHING away. Then leave it in the bag until you want to remove it and just let it dry.

He loved it. At his age he lost interest after about 5 minutes, but at least he did a little creating of his own that day! I suspect he will be ALL ABOUT THIS in a few more months as he’s now really starting to pound and smash his hands down on my piano to create BIG sounds, so I’ll try again this summer.

Isn’t he the CUTEST? Anyway, this may seem like a simple thing, and most baby crafts are, but it’s still considered “quality time” in my book and now I’ve got something tangible to show him when he grows up and a memory of his tiny little hands exploring with paint and colors.

Since this worked so well, we used zip lock bags when coloring Easter Eggs too! NO MESS EASTER EGG dying was my daughter Leannna’s genius idea and it totally worked. Another great tool and function of a ziplock bag.

Look at that cutesy face.

Creating even the smallest moments with my grandson is important to me and it’s a bonus when I can help expand his little mind.

Baby Art is fun. I’m gonna look for more ideas to spark his inner creativity 🙂

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