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Sorry it’s taken me so long to post this but we’ve had the flu in our home for the past two months!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this wreath (in my home saying it three times means you REALLY mean it!).

Here are the steps…
Buy a styrofoam wreath at your local craft store, pick up some low-temp glue guns and a distress ink pad.  Next, Pick a book.  I get mine from thrift stores.  This one is Harry Potter! (My families favorite) You could choose one that talks about friendship, a family favorite, an inspirational book to help a friend who is moving, fighting a hard battle, encouragement…the ideas are endless.
Then tear out the pages (save the spine for future craft projects I’ll be posting…trust me on this one).
Freehand a spiral with a pen or pencil.  I prefer pencil, but for demo reasons I used a pen.  
Remember when we would do that Jr High/High School game to see who you would marry, where you would live, and how many kids you’d have???  Yeah, I’m an 80’s girl reliving my past.  Anyway, just do it.  You don’t have to be that precise…just do your best.  That’s the beauty of crafting with me.  Uniformity is out the window.  I’m too impatient for that.  If you are a stress case over this go to your local craft store and find a template in the stencil isle otherwise, BE BRAVE and just go with it. 🙂  


I like to distress my paper a bit before cutting.  I use this Ranger product in either “Antique Linen” or “Tea Dye” stain.  Work out your aggression for the day and just turn the pad over and lightly press around the spiral.
Cut out the spiral.  Not a hard job.  I usually draw all my spirals, ink them up then turn on a movie and sit and cut them out.  Multi task is my middle name. No really. 

Start rolling them up!  This is also a movie watching party.  See! You can do it!  You will start seeing the rose formation and get giddy.  You are so CRAFTY!

You need to glue that puppy down  I just do the underside of the rose.  It’s easy.  Promise.  I use low-temp glue as not to burn my fingers, which I have done several times using the high temp glue.  I don’t like to curse so this is an important step.

Start gluing the roses to your wreath.  I like to do a small enough wreath that this project doesn’t end up in my pile of unfinished projects.  Mine was a 10″ styrofoam wreath.  I’ve done them bigger, but it just takes more time and patience.  Up to you though.  They are really beautiful no matter how large.

Now the tip with this is to just cram them together all around the sides and front.  I leave the back flat so that it hangs better.  Plus, who wants to do double the work?  It won’t be seen on the back anyway.

As you start to glue you will need chocolate.  Just a side note.  I never do a project without chocolate.  Usually in the form of brownies.  hehe  Just makes the process that much more enjoyable.

SEE HOW BEAUTIFUL IT’S TURNING OUT??  I love it so much.  After the roses from your favorite book are all on the wreath, and you can hardly believe you’re so clever, take your Distress Ink pad and sweep it over the roses to make sure it looks old and awesome.  Or if you love glitter or shimmer, use a finishing spray like Perfect Pearls Mists in “Perfect Pearls” color…also a Ranger product.
  It’s an option, but it’s just a cool finishing touch.

I find a beautiful ribbon (colored or otherwise) or lace and hang up my beautiful wreath.  I keep mine inside to enjoy, but on a front or back door would be equally as beautiful.  Just keep it away from the weather elements in your state.  Doubt rain is this wreaths best friend.

SO, I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and you start taking 5 and creating this beautiful wreath.  My girls and I enjoy reading and crafting so this was a very fun project to do together.  We actually did this while listening to the book we used to make the rose wreath!  Again, we are awesome.

Here is a last VINE video I posted just so you can see the idea at work.  HAPPY CREATING!

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