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BROWNIES and a happy weekend.

Today I am excited for a lot of reasons.  First and foremost, I’m back on my blog trying to manage to post regularly now, work full time, and still find time to create every day.  Also, my 6 ft, 7″ tall BABY brother, Travis, is coming to town from Texas…plus brownies are in the oven.  What could be better than that?  A clean home??  Yeah, that will have to wait!  haha  Really though, I’m so itching to scrapbook, journal, paint, cook, bake, create and basically get this blog thing up and running again.  So today, since my very favorite brownie recipe is in the oven and it’s starting to smell DIVINE, I’ll post this perfect recipe again.  I’ve posted it before, but it’s just that good.  HAPPY WEEKEND and thanks for continuing to follow me and support my crafty habits. 🙂

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