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Captain America Pennant Banner 2013

This is dedicated to my cute niece Kendra who LOVES Captain America.  Nothing screams the 4th of July like a cute man in uniform!! This was a fun banner to design and create.  I know we will enjoy it for years.  Hope you will “create” one as well.  
Right click, save to your desktop, and print the above .jpg on a 8.5×11 piece of Card stock.  Otherwise get creative and design your own shape for your pennant.  Craft stores carry already made shapes you can buy and use as a template too.  I had one so that is what I used.  I wanted to include one for you so I traced it and scanned it.  Hope it works for you.
Here are the step by step instructions:
I found my red, white-ish, and blue burlap at Hobby Lobby.  It screamed “BUY ME”…so I did.
Just as simple as: trace, cut, repeat.  Then you are ready for business.  I cut out 5-Red, 5-Blue, and 9-White.  That way I could put the striped ones in the middle of each red and blue.  It really depends on where you are putting it.  I have a large porch so I needed one extra long.
Then the fun begins.  Grab some painters tape and mask off the areas on the white burlap that you are going to spray.  Start in the center then tape the sides.  Let me tell you this Krylon ColorMaster Spray paint in Cherry Red color is the BOMB.  SO easy to use.  I tried the generic/cheap brand and it was awful.  Take the leap and purchase this stuff.  It’s a living miracle.  Easy to spray and everything.  It dried really fast as well.  Could’ve been the 100 degree heat, but I like to think it’s the product.  Literally 5 minutes later it was completely dry to the touch and all I had to do was peel away the tape SLOWLY.  If you go too fast (like I may have done to begin with) you will make the burlap fray in a bad way.  NOT cool.  So take your sweet time and experience the miracle you just created with ease.
Next grab up your red and blue cut burlap pennants.  I just used a stencil I had and decided on a size I thought fit best.  Star stencils are all over so you won’t have any problem finding one.  You could also use your silhouette Cameo if you have one.  I do, but was in a hurry and grabbed up this one.  Anyway, I used white acrylic paint and sponged the star on.  I would’ve used spray paint but my stencil wasn’t just one star.  Fail.  Anyway…it worked and that’s what matters. 🙂
After it dries grab some jute or ribbon (pre cut to the length of the area you are hanging it on) and hot glue the backs down to form the banner.  I spaced the pennants about 1 inch apart.  Depending on where you want to put it you can decided that spacing.  
Then grab some patriotic striped crepe paper.  Found mine at Michaels Craft Store. Again, probably everywhere right now.  I started by measuring out the crepe paper two times the length of the top of the pennant, then hot glued the ends to make it look legit.
There is no need to sew this into a ruffle.  Just slowly glue and gather while pressing it down.    It really was very simple and saved me a long moment at the sewing machine.
Now that you know how to gather just do the same thing except this time in a circle!  Use a piece the same size as the ruffle you just used.  Gather in a circle (doesn’t have to be perfect) and put down some glue, press, find a cute button, glue it down, press…repeat with the next red/white striped pennant.  You got this.
Now that it is all done and ready to enjoy… hang it up, sing your favorite patriotic song while dancing around the room then watch “Captain America” with the ones you love.  Happy 4th of July week!

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