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Chocolate Buttercream Heaven and Holidays

Seriously guys, this is the best icing.  This is the icing my mama made for every birthday, and every holiday celebration.  It isn’t cake or cupcake for me without this icing.  SUPER simple.  I’ve seriously never bought canned icing because of this recipe.  I’m super spoiled. 
This was the trick my mama always used to make people think her cake was homemade!  She’d just whip up a regular cake mix (Duncan Hines is her label choice) and make this scrumptious icing.  NO ONE EVER ASKED if it wasn’t homemade.  The icing makes the cake.  Promise.  Because so many have requested I tell my secret, I decided to do a cute download card and a step by “easy” step tutorial on just how to make this miracle happen.  
First combine the room temp butter and 6 cups of the powdered sugar.

Grab your Hershey’s Cocoa (I keep mine in a cute jar because of my sister Kami).

Add 4 HEAPING tablespoons to the bowl.

Then add a tablespoon of vanilla.  Let’s talk vanilla for a second…
As many of you know I grew up in Texas.  I SWEAR by this stuff.  It’s the BEST vanilla in the world. I’ve tried several brands/kinds and this can’t be beat.  My baking isn’t the same without this.  It’s called Adams Best.  I order it online because I can’t get it in Utah.  I order it in the gallons!  haha  
Seriously though, I go through it like crazy.  I just transfer it into a glass jar and keep refilling as I go.  My cookies don’t taste the same without this stuff.  Order yours today.  You won’t regret it.  If you live in the south…well, put down that “other stuff” and get to HEB or Walmart.  NOW!

Liquid heaven.
Ok, ok…back to the icing.  Start mixing the amazing ingredients. Adding milk as you go.  I like semi-soft/semi-medium consistency unless I’m frosting a very warm cake.  Typically you are supposed to wait until the cake is cool, but let’s be honest…Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Whip it…whip it good. (80’s reference)

Oh man does this smell like heaven.  
You can also use this icing for brownies!  SO Delish.  
Whip some of this bad boy up and enjoy a little southern homemade perfection.  

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Save leftovers for dipping graham crackers in or just a simple plastic spoon in the middle of the day for a quick sugar rush.  Ahh, the memories and the joy this stuff brings. 

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