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CRACK Kool-Aid

SO Crack Kool-Aid is a thing. My thing. It’s helped me through some sleepless nights and through many a performance. My “theatre” kids, Wade and Krista, code named it “CRACK” Kool-Aid because it’s literally something they can’t stop drinking (lol).

STORY: When I first started professionally singing there were a LOT of late nights. My managers wife, Saundra, would always put Emergen-C in a big pitcher of lemonade Kool-Aid and have me drink it for “energy”. It workedso well when I was recording in Nashville or during a late night performance so I decided to try my fav combo of Kool-Aid (Cherry/Lemonaide Mixed) with Emergen-C and BAM it was created. This is seriously the best with every meal. My oldest daughter just had a baby so I whipped up a batch for her to keep in her fridge! Pretty sure she will need it in the coming weeks. 🙂

Here’s the recipe for you “CRACK” lovers out there.
1. Grab a gallon pitcher
2. Mix a Cherry Kool-aid package and a Lemonade Kool-aid package with 2 cups of Sugar.
3. Then add 3 packages of Lemon-lime flavored EmergenC. I’ve used Pink Lemonade flavor in a pinch but Lemon-lime is the best.
4. Fill pitcher with cold water and stir.
Place in the fridge and let it cool or fill a cup with ice and enjoy!
When my oldest was in high school he had roles like the Beast in Beauty and the Beast that required a LOT of energy on stage. Every night of his 2 week performance I would bring him a fresh pitcher of this drink and it would be gone before intermission. He also won several awards in acting locally and nationally through high school (he’s a junior in college now…sad huh…) and I contribute this drink to his success! haha Well, clearly talent is key, but this drink definitely helped. Let me know if all your sport loving, theatre kids think the same. Enjoy!

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