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WHO doesn’t like a cute clipboard??  Well here’s an easy way to dress up a plain clipboard to WOW your friends & family.  You can give them as gifts or just create one for every occasion for your own home.  My daughter made the cutest yellow themed colored one and put a cute scripture quote about being a “light” for her friends birthday.  I wish I had a picture to show you.  It was adorable.  On the back of the clipboard she wrote a personal message thanking her for being “a light in my life”.  Seriously.  I love my kids.  So thoughtful and creative.  Ok, enough bragging moments…
 Here’s what you do.
Grab your best DecouPaige or ModPodge, a sponge brush and some super cute paper.  I like to “gather” my supplies/colors before I begin.  I do however believe in “improvising” as you go as to create on the fly, but starting off with a basic idea is best.  This super cute paper is by Heidi Swapp called “Sugar Chic”.  Literally a dream pallet of color.

So, basically just start off by modpodging a section of your clipboard and tearing your paper choices and placing them in any pattern you like.  Modpodge right over the top of the paper as well.  I also use my fingers to rub the paper down to release any air bubbles.  

This goes pretty quick.  It’s so fun!  Look how cute!  As far as going around the metal I just did my best to modpodge around and slide my paper a little bit under the metal.  It wasn’t hard.

The other clipboard I decided on (since I only had two clipboards laying around) was going to be HALLOWEEN THEMED.  It’s my favorite holiday so there.  Anyway, I wanted to start it off by painting it black.  That way my paper didn’t have to be right bud up to each other and a little of the black would show through.  Your choice though.  Just go with it!

After the black paint had dried I did the same steps I talked about above and just placed my paper around as I went modpoding away.  The paper pack I used was from Hobby Lobby.  It’s from the product line “Me and my Big Ideas” 12×12 Mambi Sheets.
Now… you can stop there and add the ribbon or go a little more “MIXED MEDIA” on the clipboard.  I wanted more, of course, so here’s what I used.  Stencils, Glimmer Mist in Party Pink…
My favorite Paint Dabbers (this one is Adirondack brand – Silver)
RUB ONS are the bomb.  My favorite brand is Christy Tomlinson’s She Art.  Go to www.scarletlime.com to see all the fun mixed media products she sells.  It’s my weakness.
I wanted this clipboard to be inspirational so I found some other rub on’s I had in my collection and used them in random places.  It really adds to the clipboard don’t you think? 
See the finished look?  I would say, just don’t add stickers that aren’t flat.  It’s a clipboard after all.  Don’t want bumps as you are using it.  That’s why rub on’s work the best.  Word stickers do too, just not 3D ones.  That’s my tip of the day. 🙂
Here’s a closer look at the rub ons and a word definition sticker.
And another…
Next I use my favorite mixed media pen that writes on EVERYTHING without smearing (also sold at www.scarletlime.com).  Just marked squiggly lines, xxx’s, swirls in random places to add the final touch.
Closer look…
There…it’s perfect!
Now, grab about 12-14 inches of coordinating ribbon.
On the top of your clipboard it has this cute tag device for hanging.  I used it for glamping up the clipboard.  I love a good junque bow.  It adds the final element to any project.  Plus it keeps you from wasting pieces of ribbon just hanging around your craft room.  Become a believer. 
Just feed it through the tab and tie a knot and trim to the size you want.
Here’s my stash for the Halloween one.
This time I fed the ribbons through together then tied each type in a knot separately instead of one big knot.  Either way works good.  I just wanted to try a different look for this one.  See…I just wing it and it always works out.  That’s what I love about mixed media.  Always forgiving.  Sure hope I’ve sparked your creative side and you start gathering and creating today.  

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