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DIY Magnolia Wreath

So, I’m sure I’m not the only one in love with Farmhouse style decor. I’m border line obsessed with everything from Chip and Jo Gaines and the amazing show “Fixer Upper”. However, I’m not fond of high dollar wreaths so I decided to make my own. Hobby Lobby has these amazing bunches of fake magnolia leaves.
Now, coming from the south you KNOW I’m gonna be picky with my choice of color and look of the leaves. Hobbs comes through with a bang though. These leaves look pretty dadgum real!
So grab your 40% off coupon (if you don’t know what I’m talking about maybe we can’t be friends… jk, I’ll help you out! Download the Hobby Lobby app on your phone and it will be under coupons. I use this every time I shop there.) and head to the plant section. Sometimes you can find the bush plants 50% off on their weekly add, but I usually can’t wait for that and just use the 40% off.
All you need now is some wire cutters and a grapevine wreath.

Magnolia DIY wreath

I think it’s best to get a plan in your mind of how you want the leaves to lay, so I placed 1/2 of them on the wreath exactly where I wanted them. Then I used my super handy glue gun and made sure the leaves were glued in place. It’s that easy! Just do the next half and glory in the art of a great DIY project that will bring you happiness in a little nook or over your cute fireplace for years to come. This project cost around $15-$20. I did use two bunches of magnolia leaves because I wanted a full wreath. I’m very pleased with the results and I know you will be too. Just “take 5” and create a beautiful wreath for your home.
I love mine hanging above my fireplace on an old chippy, antique window. ALL the heart eyes! Plus I LOVE my new Magnolia hat! So soft and fits perfect. 🙂 #magnoliaeverything

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