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Wade and Vivian Hayes – 2009
(Now 95 and 98 years old – 73 years Married)
Those who know me KNOW I love my family and I love genealogy.  I know, I know… nobody really worries or even cares about that especially on a “Creating Blog”, but I’m here to tell you that once you get the bug it never leaves! 
I am so grateful to my grandparents, Wade and Vivian Hayes, who have allowed me to continue their work.  They have over 100 notebooks FULL of research and genealogy that I am now working through.  There persistence and love for their family shows through all those pages that they have kept over the years.  Because of this they have made it easy for me and our extended family to learn and understand the past as it relates to us personally through our family history.
With that in mind and in honor of them I have created a 5 Generation Family History Chart that I will now offer in my “SHOPPE”.  Here is an example:
(Example – My personal family history as related to me and my husband)
SO, I am excited to offer this to you as a .PDF download to print as many copies as your heart desires for the low cost of $10.  Once you order I’ll send you a form to fill out with all the names you can gather (up to 5 Generations) and then I’ll “Create” the form and send it back to you via email.
I can’t express how much this will mean to your family and future generations who will want to learn about who they are and where they came from.  My kids absolutely LOVE hearing the stories about each of our sides and where they came from.  It has sparked quite the conversation in our home.
Crafting and creating isn’t just about “things”,  it is also about creating “memories”.  That is what this post and project is about. 🙂
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