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Game Night Sticky Popcorn

Game Night Sticky Popcorn happens at our home when we are all together on a Sunday afternoon. I usually have all of my kids home for dinner and we end up having dessert around the table as we play card games or board games. Sometimes we watch a movie together. Even as adults they like to come over and spend a little time with us, which I am VERY grateful for.

This recipe is a keeper. It’s ALWAYS perfect and as my mama says, “Hit’s the spot”. All you need is Microwave popcorn, Karo Syrup, Brown Sugar, Vanilla, butter and mini marshmallows. Everyone should have that in their pantry at all times right?

Well, I always do… (fat girl probs). Anyway, let me tell you how to make this magical gooey, sticky, caramel popcorn that will sure to be a family favorite.

Start by popping 3 bags of microwave popcorn. If you don’t want to crack a tooth you will want to make sure none of the kernels are left in the popcorn bowl. Trust me on that step.

Now melt 1/2 c butter in a saucepan over med-high heat with 1 c. Brown Sugar, and 1/2 c. Light Karo Syrup.

When that is melted all together add the vanilla (Adams Extract is THE BEST brand), marshmallows (Kraft minis are the best) and stir until that is all melted and mixed together well.

Then pour the caramel sauce over the top and thoroughly mix with a spatula until all the popcorn is coated.

You can serve immediately and store covered for up to three days. I HIGHLY doubt you’ll have any left. In fact, I’ve had to quickly make two more batches for larger crowds because it disappears so quickly.

That’s a sign we are having fun, laughter can be heard, and family time has been a success. With a little help from a family favorite recipe like sticky popcorn, you’re sure to have a wonderful time together.

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