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In the morning I’M MAKIN’ WAFFLES

This morning it just seemed like a WAFFLE morning.  We’ve had endless late nights and rehearsal schedules for the past two weeks.  Not to mention Day Light Saving Time!!!  (I hate that so much)  SO, I let my kids sleep in and one even skip school (I know…BAD mama), and made them these beauties.  
When I was young my dad would make homemade waffles.  Pretty much the only thing he made.  Mama did everything else in the kitchen.  Waffles are one of my favorite smells and memories as a child.  Especially when we’d have waffles for dinner instead of breakfast.  I thought we were SO lucky.    Felt like we were breaking the rules and I liked it!  haha  
Well, about two weeks ago I was introduced to the “WAFFLE LOVE” truck here in Utah.  I can’t tell you the magic in those babies.  They were literally to die for.  I’ve been craving them every morning since!  So, I decided to make my own version.  
1. Homemade Buttermilk Belgium Waffle – Check.  
2.  Cookie Butter from Trader Joe’s – Check.
3.  Homemade Syrup – Check
 (if you don’t make this on a regular basis stop reading right now and do it.)
4. Whipped Cream and fresh fruit – Check.  
OH and a side of bacon and glass of milk.  HEAVEN.  
Your kids will love you forever and think you are the best cook on the planet.  It’s a wonderful moment when I can get everyone out of bed just by the smell wafting out of the kitchen.  Mommy moment. 🙂  
PS.  If you don’t enjoy Cookie Butter try Nutella and freshly sliced bananas.  SO good.
If you live in Utah check out the TRUCK SCHEDULE: http://www.waffluv.com
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