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I’ve been gone from blogging for a while as I decided to start working again (October 2013).  I thought it would be a short vaca from my blog, but it turned into over a YEAR!  AHHH!  Not what I planned, but as we all know LIFE gets in the way sometimes and priorities change.  In that time I’ve journey into the land of “weight loss” (lost 55 pounds last year), my daughter got married and my baby daughter (she’s 19) left two.5 weeks later on a 18 month LDS mission.  She’s headed to New York, New York South mission (Long Island, Queens, Bronx..you get the idea).  SO, a LOT has happened, and kept me VERY busy, but I’m ready to start adding to my site again. 🙂  I really appreciate all the friends/family who kept visiting my site and finding something fun to do or make.  Thank you to those of you who are new and just finding out about my loves which include crafting, cooking and first and foremost…my family.  So WELCOME and WELCOME BACK to me.  Stay tuned to new and exciting posts within the coming year.

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