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MY BIRTHDAY Coffee Filter Wreath

I celebrated my 43rd birthday yesterday.  So I decided to make myself a birthday coffee filter wreath.  I will use it every birthday from here on out and for my daughters birthdays as well.  It makes me happy to look at and it was super fun to create.  In this tutorial you will see three different ideas with coffee filters.  I made the pink one, however I’m working on two other wreaths at the same time.  Yes, I’m crazy, but when I like something I do several of them.  So, one is pink, one is Americana Tie Dye, and the last is one I’m working on for Halloween…my favorite holiday.  I’m only showing the final birthday wreath though.  Have to wait and see the others when I post in the future.
Here’s the finished wreath I will be demonstrating:
Grab some, filters, dye, gloves (which I didn’t use and I was stained for days), low temp glue gun, ribbon, wood letter, wood wreath, command hook, jute, punch, twine, alpha stamps, ink, and your sewing machine.  If you don’t want to make it exactly like mine just glue white filters on a wreath and hang with a beautiful ribbon.  Either way you will love this so much.
First you need to dye your filters.  This is the color I used.  It’s from the cake section at Hobby Lobby.
I used about 1 teaspoon and added 2 c warm water.
Grab some rubber gloves, and a work area that won’t stain…like a stainless steel sink.
You can find coffee filters everywhere. I like either Walmart or the Dollar Tree.  I also like the tan colored filters.  Either will work.
Start to separate them for dying.  I separate them in groups of 3-5 together.
When you are ready start folding the first batch for dying.
and then again.
Heres an example of doing tie dye ones…
Tip here is to BARELY dip the coffee filter in.  The dye really soaks up fast. Squeeze the excess and move on to the next color.
Dip very little into the red.  Seriously.  It soaks up so fast.  You definitely want to leave some white showing.  BTW:  these are for the 4th of July. Remember to squeeze the excess of the red as well.
Here’s the finished product.  Let your tie dye filters dry on your counter (preferably under a trash bag so it doesn’t stain.)  When I threw these in the dryer they bled and I ended up with light blue and pink with NO WHITE so don’t do that.  
And heres another example of the tie dye ones starting with red on the outside and blue in the center.
 For my pink coffee filters I threw them in the dryer for 20 minutes.  The dryer heat lightens the filters and I got a nice shade of pink. 🙂 Just what I wanted.
Here is what the filters look like dried from the dryer.  PERFECT. 
 Just smooth them out into a nice stack. 
These are only at Michaels Crafts that I could find.  Thin and perfect.  They come in various sizes.  For a LARGE one I used this 18″ one.  I like the 12″ ones as well for a smaller wreath.
Next wrap the wood wreath with wide ribbon. I used a spot of hot glue to start and to finish the ribbon.  Now you are ready to create your filter flowers.
I use two filters at a time.
Get to the center then fold into a cute flower.
Besides that I need a manicure, just pinch the bottom so you have a good base to glue.
See?  It looks like that.  Now you are ready to start hot gluing.  Use low-temp hot glue.  It’s the best for most projects to avoid a bad burn.
Just glue around the outside edges first.  Both right and left edges.  (This wreath is one I am doing for Halloween.  Get excited.  It’s gonna be adorable!)
Then fill in the middle of the wreath.  It will start to take shape very quickly.
You can fluff the flowers are you go.
After all the filters are glued on it’s time for a trim!  This way the wreath is uniform.
Then I glittered a wood letter from my local craft store.  I sealed it with a clear acrylic sealer (Mod Podge Matte brand).  I also stapled a piece of jute to the back of my letter for easy hanging.
Then I attached a Command Hook so I could switch the Glitter Letters depending on who’s birthday it is.  Aren’t I so smart??  (haha)
I love this stuff.  Shake it up really good and spray on the coffee filters.  It will add the most beautiful shimmer to your filters.  There are all sorts of colors of Perfect Pearls Mists so just choose what would work best for the color of filters you have.  It does need a little drying time but not too much.
Look at that shimmer!  Worth the wait.
Make sure you staple a piece of jute to the back for hanging.
Then grab a cute punch and stamp up the words “Happy Birthday”.
It’s coming together!
Go to your sewing machine and zig zag stitch a piece of twine or thin ribbon to your letters spacing them about 1/2″ apart.
I made a junque bow and hot glued it and the Happy Birthday banner on my wreath.  Isn’t it cute?  I love it.  My letter is a little big but I still love it.  Hope you like it too and this inspired you to create this week.  Happy Birthday to all my summer birthday buddies!
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    Totally love this wreath! I am so doing this for Valentines Day. So cool. Thanks for sharing!

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