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This month in Utah we celebrate the Latter-day Saint Utah Pioneers entry into the valley on July 24th.  It’s a fun celebration for the state and it always gives me a chance to reflect on my own heritage and realize how blessed we all are to live and be free to worship and believe what we want.  
I LOVE GENEALOGY.  I literally could spend all day looking for my kindred dead.  The best site to start out with is FamilySearch or Ancestory.com.  Start today if you haven’t ever done this.  It’s addicting like chocolate, and crafting.  Trust me.  

My husbands family history includes many who crossed the plains arriving in Utah by handcart and by wagon.  One young married couple (Llewellyn’s) came from England after joining the church leaving all they knew and traveled by handcart to come to “Zion”.  Their story is AMAZING and ends with them adopting a Piute Indian girl (who was traded for a sack of flour to escape her death) who married later in life and is my husbands 4th great grandma.  She was an indian princess stolen from another indian tribe and would’ve most likely been killed if it hadn’t been for BF Johnson (Mormon Pioneer that the Llewellyn’s were living with after arriving in the valley) who heard her screams and traded with her kidnappers for her life.  He gave her to this young couple to care for.  They raised her as their own.  She never found her people, but lived a wonderful life of faith and love.  
So for this weeks project I wanted to honor those individuals in mine and my husbands history who our family will never forget.  I created a canvas board to hang photos from.  Here are the supplies you need:
GATHER SUPPLIES:  Burlap, Jute/Twine, Ribbon, Staple gun, Canvas (16×20), Light Fabric Transfer paper, small clothespins, old pictures printed on parchment paper, scissors, Muslin, Distress Stain (Walnut & Peeled Paint), 26 gauge Floral Wire, black thread, and Fabri-Tac.
Start by cutting your Burlap (any color you wish) about 2″ larger than your canvas (all sides), then stretch and staple so it’s tight on the front.
Next print out the words “OUR HERITAGE” (LD Dainty font)
and your family names for the leaves (Bickham Script Pro font) onto Fabric Transfer paper. 
TIP:  Make sure and flip the image horizontal before printing.  I use Photoshop Elements or Photoshop to make this happen.  I love Elements the best.  SO easy to use.
I then ironed on the “Our Heritage” words on the canvas.  You could also stencil words on but I wanted this look today.  Then take your jute first and start by stapling on the back and start wrapping around the canvas until you get the look you want and end by stapling again on the back.  I then wanted to add a little color so I grabbed my velvet green ribbon.  I only had enough for two but I still like the look of it.  Staple those on as well.
Next grab this goodness.  I love all of Tim Holtz products.  This Distress Stain in Walnut and Peeled paint were the perfect colors for my project.  Literally just grabbed my small clothes pins (any craft store will have these) and brushed over the top.  
I was so excited I had to start pinning them up.  One side my husbands and the other MINE!
Next I freehanded a leaf on cardstock, cut it out and traced it on folded muslin (need two pieces per leaf) I had left over from another project.  Cut them out.
I wanted the look of a real leaf so I grabbed my distress stain and colored the top leaf piece and rubbed it in with my fingers.  After it dried (didn’t take long) I ironed on the family name.  
Pride is boiling over with all these awesome family names.
Then I cut some 26 gauge wire about 8 inches long and folded it in half.
Then you are ready to Fabri-tac glue a small line down the middle and attach your wire (safe side out…see the loop?) and put your top leaf piece on and press down where you glued.
If that wasn’t cute enough now you need a small zig zag stitch in black (or green if you want) around the edges of the leaf.  This keeps the two pieces of fabric together.  The wire is so light it doesn’t mess up your machine.  Star at the bottom where your wire comes out and go around the leaf.
Trim the excess thread and you are ready to bend and attach!
I love it so much.  It’s so stinkin’ cute!
Here’s a close up (my side…)
Look at my adorable grandparents, Wade and Vivian Hayes.  They are still living at ages 98, and 95.  married 73 years.  That’s a miracle in itself considering the world we live in.  Such examples to me.
My husbands side… That’s his mom and dad on their wedding day.
See the indian girl??  That’s Alveretta Llewellyn and her husband Silas Jackson.
Here’s the finished project.  I love it and will display it proudly in my home.  This is a great tool to teach your kids about your personal family history.  
As the age old Chinese Proverb states:
“To forget one’s Ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root.”
DON’T FORGET – Celebrate their life this month.
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    Becky Morgan
    July 11, 2013 at 3:11 am

    Great job, Laurie! Love it. I used to put up framed pictures of all the grandparents and great-grandparents on the mantle during February with some cute heart stuff so that my kids could see that marriages do last! I don't know how you do all you do, but you go girl. Fun to follow you—reminds me of all our fun doing Relief Society things with Connie Foss!

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