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Patriotic PARADE BAG

Because it’s the weekend before the 4th of July I decided to take a minute and come up with a fun “PARADE BAG”.  Who doesn’t love a good American parade?  Well, I always find myself needing a cute bag to fill with treats, water bottles, and such for a hot day watching floats go down the street, music from local high school bands, old cars with important people in them… oh the list goes on, so I created one.  Here is the tutorial.
NEEDED: Canvas Tote bag (13.5×13.5), Royal blue and white/red striped fabric, Fabri-Tac, button, star stencil, yellow paint, sewing machine with white thread.  That’s it!
Start by cutting 2″ wide strips of both your fabrics.  You can use any fabric but I wanted mine to represent a flag…texas flag…yes, that’s how I roll.  My strips were about 45″ long.  You can do it shorter, but I just went the length of my fabric.  You need it at least a yard (36″) so you can gather the strips and it will be perfect. 
You will need 2 strips of your blue fabric and 3 strips of your red/white fabric.
Here’s where the sewing comes in.  Zig Zag stitch those strips on the left and right sides or if you have a serger machine use that.  Mine’s broken at the moment, so I just decided to zig zag the edges so they wouldn’t fray.  This is just a precautionary step, so if you choose NOT to edge stitch it’s up to you.
After edge stitching use your long basting/gathering stitch to sew down the center of each strip.  Gather tightly so it measures roughly 7 inches in length.
I just fold the edges under on each end and do a quick stitch (not a basting stitch) to hold everything together.
Here’s what it should look like.  Yay!  I’m getting excited.
I placed the ruffled strips 2″ from the bottom of the bag so the bag would open up without the fabric getting in the way.
Just kinda eyeball place the strips where you want them before gluing them on the bag.  Make sure the strips go to each edge.
Again, this stuff is a MIRACLE.  Grab it on AMAZON if you can’t find it in your local craft store.
I put a line of glue on the turned under edges…
…then straight down the middle.
Press on to the canvas bag making sure your sides, top and bottoms all match up so it creates a straight line.  Once that is done and glued down for life you can choose to skip the next step because it’s already so darn cute OR grab your paint (I chose yellow), a star stencil and a dabber.
I only had a design pattern for my star stencil but it worked out.  It would be cute with a saying or with any other cute stencil.  You choose.  Be creative!
Dab away! Preferably while singing “Deep in the heart of Texas” like I did.
Next, I just traced a star onto some fusible interfacing and cut two layers (and the interfacing) of white fabric (broadcloth) into a star shape.  I used the interfacing because I wanted a quilted looking star.
Then I used my iron to “fuse” it together to one of the white star pieces and then did a simple straight stitch on my machine around the star.  You could hand stitch with some cute red or blue DMC floss but “ain’t nobody got time for that today”… but it would’ve been cute.
I chose a yellow button to match the stars but go with what you think is best or what you have.  Sew that baby in the middle.
Glue the back with the same Fabri-tac and place in the center of the blue ruffles.
I LOVE IT!!  I kinda went with a “Texas” flare, but you could do whatever you wish.  Now go grab your goodies and attend a fun 4th of July event wherever you live.  Happy 4th of July everyone!

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