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Patriotic Parfait

I love a good patriotic BBQ and this is on my menu tomorrow.  I’m posting today so you have plenty of time to run to the grocery store and get the ingredients.  
Here is my original parfait recipe.  The Lemon Curd recipe isn’t original to me but it’s the best recipe I’ve ever found so I made you a cute original recipe card.  You are welcome.  Food Network Star, Ina Garten, is to thank for that one.  When you find something as good as this you don’t reinvent the wheel if you know what I mean.  
Seriously, get out and assemble this patriotic goodness.  You will thank me for years…or maybe even the rest of your life.  Yes, it’s that good.

Here is the first step.  Thaw this puppy out. You can make your own pound cake recipe if you want but “ain’t nobody got time for that”.  Especially since it’s the 4th tomorrow.
Cut 1″ slices and grab a star shaped cutter.  I used my super tiny ones because I’m making them in mason jars for my family.  These cutters were from Williams Sonoma.  One of my favorite places to shop.
Now cut out the stars.  Try not to eat the left over cake.  At this house it’s GONE within minutes.
Aren’t they cute??
Now zest those Lemons!  This will be for your Lemon Syrup.  You can put the Lemons in the microwave for 10 seconds or so to get those juices flowing and a sure fire guarantee that you will have plenty of juice.
You need 1/2c.
Put everything in and turn on Medium heat stirring until sugar dissolves.
Now for the best creamy substance on the planet.  Sugar and cream cheese to start.
Add vanilla…
…and whipping cream.  HEAVEN.
Mix until smooth and try not to grab a spoon and hide in the closet.
Oh the temptation!  
TIP:  If you don’t want to fuss with pound cake or lemon syrup just plop some of this goodness down in a bowl and top with fresh fruit.  Perfect sweet breakfast or end to a long day.
Ok.  Now you need to make the Lemon Curd.  Put zest and sugar in the food processor.
Pulse until zest is minced really fine.  Only takes a few seconds.
Pour that sugary lemon goodness into a mixer with the butter.
Add eggs one at a time.
Then the juice.
Once it’s blended pour into a saucepan and cook until thickened.
Pour the cooled Lemon Syrup over the “stars” or brush on slices.  Toss.
This is hard not to munch on as well.  They taste sooo good.
Grab your freshly cut strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries.
Now you are ready to assemble in individual mason jars or in a trifle glass dish.
Heres the goodness all together.
Cream, Lemon Curd, Cake Stars, Fruit, REPEAT.  Seal and refrigerate.
Here’s the one I made for a crowd.  All it needs now is a shot of whipped cream in the middle and a fresh mint leaf.  PERFECT.  I sure hope you make this and leave me a comment once you do.  Happy fourth of July AMERICA!!!

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