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Personalized GLITTER CUPS!

I am a Texan.  I love Glitter.  I love Glam.  I love these Glitter Cup Holders.  
My super talented friend Margie Romney-Aslett (Click here: JUST A GIRL to be inspired by her)  introduced me to these at a craft Smash ball at the beginning of this year.  I saw one she made and fell in love.  I knew I had to learn how to make them.  I took it a step further (over achiever problem) and thought of a way to personalize them with my Silhouette Machine.  These are so easy to make.
A Route 44 Sonic Cup (I think I paid like twenty five cents for them), Color of any type of glitter…I get the cheap stuff, Mod Podge, paint or sponge Brush, and if you want it personalized use your Silhouette Cameo and cut out some vinyl any style you want.  Then you are ready to get your glitter on.
My niece is on her High School Drill team.  The Vidor Pirate Brigadettes.  In Texas it’s SO HOT during summer practices and during games so I thought she may need a little fancy cup to keep her water in (Yes, I’m that kinda Aunt).  I cut out a big “V” and a “P” on my silhouette cameo and just put them where I wanted them on my cup.  You can use any clipart design.  
TIP:  Just choose something solid and not a lot of detail if you are using a design.  Otherwise just skip that step and start mod poding the entire cup.
GO AROUND the letters or chosen design with your paint brush.  If you go over the design with glue you will have NO IDEA where it is to peel it off in further steps.  THIS IS VITAL.  Now, you don’t have to be precise, but do your best.  Glitter is forgiving…WHO KNEW?!  
Once you have your 1st coat of glue covering the cup, sprinkle a coat of your desired glitter color over the glue.  I use a red dish tray I got at the dollar store or Walmart for my glitter catchings.  Tap off the excess and let dry.
THEN coat another layer of ModPodge OVER the 1st coat of glitter.  Repeat the glitter step tapping off the excess and letting it dry.  This should leave you with two coats of glitter.
At this point with two coats of glitter covering the cup I peel the vinyl off slowly.  Once the vinyl design is removed coat the entire cup with ONE MORE COAT OF MOD PODGE and let dry completely.   It doesn’t have to be a super thick coat.  Just cover all the glitter so it seals it good.  That way your cup will not shed glitter!   I usually let it dry overnight.
Peeling off the vinyl will allow you to make sure the glitter surrounding the letter or design gets sealed as well.
I chose her school colors and repeated the same steps mentioned above for the VP and the top and bottom rims in gold.  On the last step of sealing the gold glitter just brush on to the GOLD part only.  No need to go over the Black that has already dried. 
Isn’t it CUTE!  Well, not cute enough.  In Texas we have a saying, “GO BIG OR GO HOME”.  Texans take that to heart so I finished it off with a junque bow and hot glued my bow to the back of the cup. Yes, now it’s texas worthy.

I’m so proud of this cup!  I love it.  I’m feeling the team spirit already.  Now if you are wondering if you fill this cup up with your beverage choice the answer is NO.  You can use any 32 oz cup (I just order a large drink at Sonic) and place it in your GLITTER CUP HOLDER.  This is only meant to be a cup holder so use accordingly.  While doing this one I came up with all kind of ideas for glitter cups.  Here are a few examples:
Mustache Delight
BE Anchored
Witches Retreat! 
(This will be a giveaway at my event in October)

Here’s the back bow…LOVE.
Single “STASH” 
Back bow
Single color no design – Summer SPLASH
And here’s my sister-in-laws favorite color – PINK PASSION
This one is also a solid glitter covering with no design.
I hope you love these as much as I do.  Get out and create!  It’s so fun showing up to an event or a craft retreat with my special glitter cup.  Ain’t no one trying to steal my drink… just my adorable cup.
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