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PRODUCT REVIEW – Heat it Craft Tool

Because I LOVE to create I am all about finding and using new products that make my life so much easier.  Time is very important to me.  I am a busy lady!  So today I am starting what I hope will be a weekly post on products I use.   Basically my personal review on the product, how it works, if I liked it, use and ease of use.  Mind you, this is my own opinion and my own trial.  I will not post or review a product I’ve “heard” about and use someone else’s opinion.   I feel it’s important to spread the love and knowledge of the best products out there.  Especially for mom’s like me that need to not waist time or money on products that do not work.  I feel it’s important to promote the BEST stuff especially since I am posting tutorials weekly and referencing my customers, friends, family and my blogosphere family to my life and my passions with crafting, sewing, and the like.  I hope you will join me each week and comment on some of your favorites as well.  
Today’s REVIEW is one of my all time favorite tools.  I’ve had several types, styles, and brands of heat guns over my lifetime.  I was introduced to this brand and tool at a artsy retreat I attended.  I didn’t believe the hype of how wonderful it was and how QUIET the tool was.  I was proved wrong.   I am talking about the RANGER Heat it Craft Tool… Here it is:
 This product gets my full heart.  A 5 heart review.
This product is the BEST around.  I own several different types since I have two daughters who craft along side me.  However, I GET THIS HEAT GUN.  Mama’s only.  They are jealous and sneak using it when I’m not around because it’s so dadgum awesome.  They are getting one for their birthdays. 🙂
It’s so light weight, and it’s gentle air flow quickly dries all my inks, glues, paints, embossing powders and even works on your shrinky plastics.  
Best feature, if that wasn’t enough, is that it is literally like a sleeping baby and you can barely hear it when it’s turned on.  I can carry on a conversation with my girls or anyone I’m on the phone with without missing a beat crafting away because you can’t hardly hear it!  Seriously my favorite feature since I’m always on the phone talking to my mama!  
So if it were up to me everyone would own one.  It’s not that expensive either!  After having used it I would have paid more for it because it’s just that good.  I haven’t found it in any store locally.  That is a draw back since I’m an instant gratification type girl, but patiently waited for it to arrive.  It was like Christmas when it did!  
I bought mine online at SCARLET LIME.  This place it a mecca for great products.  Check it out! 
You can also check my widget for amazon on the right and buy it there.
I hope you enjoy this tool as much as I do.  It’s literally my favorite thing. 

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