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Red Pantry Door Makeover

Today I wanted to share a quick and easy update to any kitchen. A red pantry door to be exact!  When I say “easy” I mean E.A.S.Y.

When building our home I purposefully chose ALL neutral paint and interior colors when we went to the design center.

I knew I wanted to eventually add pops of color to complement that pallet. Until now (we moved in last May) I haven’t found the time or really knew exactly where I would start, but since my front door is red and you can see my pantry door when you walk into my open floor plan, I decided it may look nice to continue that flow! 

 So I got my hubs involved and he quickly agreed & removed the pantry door hardware and took it to our unfinished basement for me to paint.  In the meantime I went to Sherwin Williams and got the eggshell version of my front door color, which is Fired Red SW 6335.

I always start painting with a clean surface/ door.  Just a good rule.  No one wants to paint old spaghetti stains into your door.  Right?!

Then I start with all the doors crevasses. I used a regular paint brush for that, then used a medium roller brush to give the smoother surfaces a good first coat.  

First coat needs to dry, then repeat those steps.  Crevasses and then all over again.  Make sure you brush or roll the paint on in the same direction.  You don’t want random strokes going every which way.  Channel your inner Karate Kid.   Please tell me someone out there reading this is as old as I am and loved Karate Kid?!?!?!

Ok!  Second coat dry.  Then turn the door over and repeat.  Let it dry, put the hardware back on and hang!  We painted both sides because we thought it would be a nice touch to open the door and see the same color. I’m really glad we did. 

 This may seem like nothing to you, but oh what a difference a little color can make.  It really warmed up the room exactly how I was hoping.  I knew I wanted a wreath but what kind?  I tried different wreaths I had on hand, but ended up with a Magnolia floral one I had purchased a while back at the At Home store in Provo.  I love the white against the red.  Plus it adds a little southern touch. 

Doesn’t it look so good?  

I think we all struggle with knowing exactly what we want in our decor and then of course, finding time to just do it!  I’m really trying to focus on DOING this year instead of WAITING for the right moment or DEBATING with myself if I should or if I’m making the right choice.  I even worry about what others would think, but guess what?  I’m kinda loving this feeling of DO instead of DEBATE.  It’s really liberating and therapeutic to DO.  It’s also very rewarding to create something beautiful and unique for my home.  

So today I encourage you to DO.  DO what your mind is focused on RIGHT NOW.  If it’s to start eating better, or exercising more, then START DOING IT!

If it’s learning to simplify, or spend more quality time with your loved ones…FOCUS.  Create new memories! 

 If it’s to learn a new craft or start piano lessons or keeping a journal… DO IT.  I know our Father in Heaven designed us to DO, and BECOME.  Sometimes we don’t have the courage or even energy, but when we put one foot in front of the other with FAITH, we can’t fail.  Learning and creating are in each one of us.  

Go, Do, Become, and help & inspire others along the way.   My little red door is a reminder to me that simple things like a little paint can strengthen my resolve and my courage to become what I was meant to be.  

Forever creating,


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