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Shiplap Bed Tray

For years I’ve wanted to create a beautiful bed tray so my hubs would serve me breakfast in bed.  Who doesn’t want that right?  However, I could never really find one I liked or that spoke to me, so I finally decided to create my own.  

I absolutely L O V E it.  Even though I’ve listed this item for sale in my Etsy Shop I thought it would be nice for my crafty blogging friends to have a quick tutorial here in case they wanted to bust out their own.  I’m nice like that!  

It’s fairly simple, but you need some time, supplies, and a whole lot of determination to get started!  

Here’s what I picked up from Home Depot:

4- 1x4x22 Pine wood (bottom boards)

2- 1x3x24 Pine wood (Side rails)

2- 1x3x15 Pine wood (end rails)

Wood Glue

Nail gun / Nails

4- Any wood leg style you like. I like height so I found some 7″ high ones.

Also, chalk paint (your choice of color) or my favorite Rustoleum KONA dark stain. 

Annie Sloan Clear wax or Polyeurothane to seal after assembly and painting.

2- Hobby Lobby Handles.  They are usually by the doorknobs and run 50% off every two weeks. 🙂

Let’s get started!

1.  When you’re at Home Depot looking for pine, be sure to select the straightest boards you can find.  Then bring them home and cut to the lengths listed above. (22″, 24″, 15″)
On all the 4 railing pieces we used a miter saw to corner the edges so they fit together well when putting it together.

2.  Next we wood glued the bottom pieces together and held them together with wood clamps (also at Home Depot).  Let them sit for about an hour later he This to make sure nothing falls apart. 

3.  Once the bottom is set you’ll want to Glue the side and end rails on and nail them into the bottom piece.

4.  You don’t need to clamp this step thanks to the nails.  Next it’s time to drill four holes where the legs will go. 

We measured 2″ in on all four sides. “X” marks the spot!

5. Now this is a trick my hubs uses to get exactly the level or depth he wants.  We just used our drill bit next to one of the legs and marked the heights with tape so it doesn’t go all the way through the wood and everything is equal all around.  Brilliant right?!  Wish I could say this is why I fell in love with him, but it was just an unexpected bonus.  🙂

Now slowly drill where you measured & marked until you are flush with your tape. 

All done! Now time to screw the legs in.

6.  Here’s the finished build.  Now to paint. 

7.  I used Rust-oleum Linen White Chalk paint using my new Wagner Home sprayer.  It was SO fun and easy to use.  The sprayer came with a great spray tent as well!  SCORE!  

After two coats I sanded the tray down to expose some of the original wood color underneath. 

See the exposed wood?  I love that!  

Next I used Annie Sloan Clear Wax to rub all over this piece.  Then used Annie Sloan Dark Wax to rub all around showing special attention to the sanded areas.  I then went back over the entire piece with soft wax to seal everything together.  

7.  All that’s left now are the handles!

Look at that!  All done and ready to serve an amazing breakfast in bed.  I. Cannot. Wait!

Here’s a close up of the distressing and the legs.  I love farmhouse decor.  Nothing is perfect but that’s what makes it perfect to me.  

So, I hope this tutorial is clear and those of you who don’t just want to buy this piece can actually make one to enjoy.  Otherwise head over to my Etsy shop MY ETSY SHOPand I’ll happily make you one.  

My Shiplap Bed Tray screams BREAKFAST IN BED, or will immediately add that farmhouse vibe to your cozy home. 

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