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SUMMER STAPLE – Grilled Pizza

Seriously guys, this is so easy and oh so good.  THIS is what should be for your dinner tonight.
YEARS ago, I was in a Bunco group in Texas.  One of the ladies who hosted our group made this pizza with a big yummy salad.  She gave us the recipe and I’ve never stopped making this since.  
I have NO IDEA what her name is or I’d give her credit.
 THIS recipe is a favorite of my families and we make it often so I’d thought I’d share.  Summer time is the perfect time to pull out this recipe.  
Now, with that said, I do mine a little different.  I GRILL mine.  I also make them “personal sized”.  
It’s easier for freezer storage and so much more fun.
Here are some pictures (from my iPhone. I was way to lazy yesterday to walk downstairs 
and get my good camera…don’t judge, it was Sunday.)  
I alter the recipe a bit because I like a good honey wheat dough better 
(plus it’s healthy and my dietitian sister in law would approve),
 but you can do whatever your little heart desires.
FIRST STEP:  Gather your ingredients.
Now about yeast, I usually just use a Tablespoon of my very large container of yeast I keep in the fridge (because I’m a carb junkie and make bread a lot),
 but if you are a “packet yeast” kinda person just use two for this recipe.
Proofing your yeast is vital.  Make sure you use luke warm water and don’t stir it except at the beginning to start the “proofing”.  It will get nice and bubbly (that’s how you know the yeast is working it’s magic and setting the stage for the best pizza dough ever).  
I have used all types of flour.  All-Purpose ALWAYS works, but after going to CPK for years and requesting their amazing Honey Wheat dough for my pizza I decided to start using 100% Wheat Flour. I use the “white wheat” variety, but you can mix 1/2 wheat, 1/2 white, or whatever you like. 
 It ALWAYS TURNS OUT!  Plus, you can start using up your food storage wheat.  Win, Win.  
Wheat brings a little heaviness to the dough, but it’s really amazing.  Try it!
TIP:  You can use HONEY in replacement of the 1/2 cup of sugar.  Both work beautifully.
Follow the instructions listed on the recipe card above.  If the dough is a little too sticky, just add more flour (1/4c at a time).  Depending on where you live and your elevation it will need more or less flour.  You want it a little sticky, but not uncontrollable sticky.
THEN drizzle some EVOO (Olive Oil) on the top, cover and let rise until double in size.

Next, start making the Pizza sauce.  Nothing is better than this.  Trust me.  Don’t buy the canned stuff.
When my Basil isn’t in full bloom outside I use the tubed Basil.  This has gotten me through some cold winters, believe me.  It’s amazing stuff.  I use about 1T if I don’t have fresh.  Mix all the ingredients, cover and keep in the refrigerator until it’s time to use.
LOOK AT THAT SAUCE!!!  Seriously, hook me up to this.  It’s so yummy.
 Now, when the dough is ready it will look like this (above).  Depending on what type of flour you’ve used it may take 30 minutes to rise or up to an hour.  Either way, its worth the wait.
Turn it out onto a flour surface.  Cut in half (from here you can roll out and use as two full sized pizzas), then again and start pulling off GOLF BALL sized chunks.

Like this!  you can just press out to your desired shape or roll them out.  Just make sure you don’t roll them out too thin.  Harder to grill.  Plus a thicker crust is a better crust I always say.
After forming the circles keep them on a plate until the grill is ready.  
TIP: I coat both sides with a little EVOO so it doesn’t stick to the grill.

At this point your grill should be Med-Warm.  I turn my grill on high to get the fires rolling, then turn it down to med-low.  This is highly important.  I’ve burned many a dough circle.  Basically you are cooking the dough and if you cook it too fast (hence the higher heat) it will cook the outside and not the inside!  Yuck.  Anyway, just place the circles on the grill (leaving the grill open) and flip when they start looking like the above picture.  Nice and fluffy.  Flip over and repeat.  Really not that hard.
In the winter I use an indoor grill pan that gives me the marks of an outside grill.  It works as well, but not as quick.  Worth it though if you don’t own a grill.  Just spray the pan with PAM and go to town.
At this point when you have all your individual pizza doughs made and grilled you can let them cool and store them in a freezer bag in your freezer for later or proceed to making your favorite flavor pizzas.

I place both of these bags in a bowl and mix.  I like both flavors so why not!

This is the type of pepperoni I use.  I’ve used them all but this is my fav.

Place a sheet of aluminum foil on a cookie sheet and let the decorating/assembling commence.
Sauce, cheese, pepperonis, whatever your heart desires and whatever stacking order you wish.

Turn on your oven to HI BROIL and move the rack up.  When heated place the pan in and when the cheese is melted and perfect take it out!  Takes about 4-5 minutes.

LOOK AT THIS!!!  Perfection.  
My favorite combo is pizza sauce, grilled red onions, grilled chicken, cilantro, 
and homemade BBQ sauce.  Just thought I’d mention that.  
You can have all the topping out and ready for the most wonderful pizza bar known to mankind.  
The beauty of these are that they are YOUR creation.  No one leaves unhappy.
When my niece Erin comes to visit she loves to wake up the next morning and make breakfast pizza!  Great as well. Think about it…Eggs, sausage/bacon, cheese…HEAVEN.
I hope you try it out and love it.  If you do, please comment below.  
Love to hear your success and your topping ideas.

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    Ruth Shanahan Allmart
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    This sounds delish! I'm definitely going to give it a shot. I think I'll try your BBQ chicken idea 🙂

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