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Sunday ROAST

This is my ALL TIME favorite Sunday Dinner.  I grew up on this.  Literally it’s not Sunday without smelling this all through the house with a little Mo-Tab background music.  It’s home to me.  Over the years I’ve added my special touch to this recipe and this is the final product.  Right click on the recipe card and save then print (4×6) for your records.  Try it this Sunday.  It’s AMAZING.  You will thank me. 😉
Here’s the step by step:
This are A MIRACLE.  Easy clean up and everything.  I place one of these bad boys in my crock pot and turn it on high.
Cut an onion in half or in quarters and brown in a large skillet with about a Tablespoon of EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil).  Put in the crock pot.
Then add about 1-2 cups of baby carrots or peel/slice whole ones and lightly brown.  I go for ease.  Plus I like this size.  You just want to bring out the color a bit.  Place in the crock pot with the onion.
Then if you want you can peel and cut up 2 large potatoes and add to the onion and carrots.  I usually don’t add potatoes because I like mashed potatoes with this meal and that’s just too much.  However, do it if you want.
Next get your pan hot with 1-2 TBSP EVOO again and season your meat with garlic salt, salt and pepper.  Sometimes I add “Slap yo Mama” spice for a kick.  I like to use a big chuck roast but you can use Top Round as well.  Whatever roast your family likes best.
Brown on both sides and add to the crock pot.
Next mix these two soups together.
You can add a soup can full of water if you wish if your roast doesn’t have a lot of fat on it.  With the Top Round I add water.  Chuck roast generates enough juice so I don’t add the water.
Pour over the top.  YUM!
Next go to your herb garden (may be your grocery store) and grab a sprig of Rosemary…
And a couple sprigs of Thyme. 
Can NOT stress enough how amazing the smell and taste is.  Without the herbs it’s still pretty amazing, but believe me there is NOTHING better than that added to your meal.
Now cook on high 4-6 hours or overnight on low and you will wake up to the best smell ever.
I forgot to take an after shot of the roast, but trust me…nothing better over some homemade mashed potatoes or rice and rolls.  Ugh!  Now I’m hungry.  Good thing it’s the weekend!  Sunday roast is on the menu.  Enjoy!

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