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Summer Bookmark

First and foremost I have to give credit where credit is due. 
I was watching MY CRAFT CHANNEL episodes the other day and came across a dear friends appearance.  She is truly an amazing lady and a super talented, sweet friend.  I got to meet Mandy at a wonderful craft weekend a few months ago.  We were table buddies and created wonderful things together with about 30 other amazing women.  I love living up here in Utah around such talented, and equally as sweet ladies.  Such an inspiration.
Anyway, she did this awesome tutorial on My Craft Channel creating bookmarks and I HAD to make them.  Especially since my sister in law is a avid reader and book blogger.  I knew she would flip about these so I gave it a try.  SO easy and fun to make.
Her blog is I’d So Rather Be Reading. GO HERE to check out the best reviews on all kinds of awesome books!  Natalie and Kelli will never steer you wrong.
As an addition to this adorable craft I added a personal touch at the end, but pretty much this is Mandy’s idea.  She has a great blog called Little Birdie Secrets and everyone should go check it out.  GO HERE to see all the fun projects she has. 
Enjoy making these and reading all summer long.
First start out with about 1/8 yards of two complimentary fabrics.  One for the bookmark and the other for the rosette.
Then, make about a 1 – 1 1/4″ wide cut (I didn’t measure…I know I have a problem, but it’s the way I roll) and then just rip the fabric with your hands until you have a long fun strip.  Cut that strip in half (or 22″ long).

Now you are ready to rock n’ roll.  I live on the wild side…proof is in the type of scissors I use.  Fiskars Designer Series.  They are the bomb.  
Now, first you need to tie a knot at the end.  This helps create a base to start and a center for your rosette. I trim the end a bit.  I don’t like a long tag of extra fabric.  Now grab your Fabri-tac and get to work.
Start by dropping a small dot of glue on that knot.

Just start twisting and adding a drop of glue about every two twists or where ever you feel you need some glue to hold it together.  Your fingers will get sticky but that’s ok.  It will peel right off.

See?  A dab of glue and I just keep twisting.  I just keep holding the middle knot as I go and it stays in place perfectly.

Starting to take shape and looking adorable.  I love these so much.

At the end of your fabric you will have a tag.  Just glue to the back like so.

Not hard.

Seriously?  It’s adorable just like this for so many other projects.
Then you can dress it up and add a cute button.  Oh my…the cuteness! Mandy suggests sewing it down because the glue doesn’t necessarily hold to the plastic that well.  She’s right.  I tried it.  Then just set those aside and start creating your book mark.
Here are my measurements. 4.5 wide…

By 8.5 long.  At least that’s the size I choose.  You can go longer or shorter depending on what you want.

Cut one piece of light weight interfacing and iron it to the fabric.

With right sides together sew a straight stitch leaving the bottom open.

Turn right side out.  Iron flat. Then top stitch folding under the open edge.

Not hard.

Just make sure you go slow and get as close to the edge as possible to create a nice even stitch.

Here’s my personal touch.  Grab these at your local Walmart or office supply store.  Then use Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements and create your text making sure you flip the text horizontally so that it prints correctly for ironing.  I believe the instructions for this are in the package.  You might can even do this in Word, but I just use Photoshop because that is my favorite.

Here it is ready to iron!  OH by the way, just attach the button rosette to the finished bookmark with a dab of that same awesome fabric glue.  No fuss.

Hold in place and let cool before peeling up.  The excitement is building and I can hardly wait to see it. I’m a very impatient girl.

Ahhh…. YES!  It’s perfect.  I want 100.

Krista is my daughter who LOVES to read.  She picked out these colors (her favorite color is yellow if you couldn’t tell).  She’s at girls camp this week and will be surprised with this when she gets home.

Here is my sister in law and niece’s bookmarks.  Oh the possibilities with fonts.  SO much fun.  Don’t they brighten your day???  
My daughter and I made one of these for her girls camp secret sister gift.  We slid it in a clear bag, tied it up with cute ribbon, and attached it to a scripture reading chart and a cute quote.  It really is the perfect handmade gift.  Again, thank you Mandy for the inspiration at Little Birdie Secrets and tutorial on My Craft Channel.com.
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