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SWIG cookie

Today I’m starting what will hopefully continue to be “Take 5 Thursday”.  

This will be the day I post what I love to do, what I love to create, or what another person “inspires” me to create.  It really only takes “5” to settle your thoughts and start creating.
So today in honor of my first “Take 5 Thursday” I’m posting “HOW” I usually begin to create at home.

First, I get comfortable.
 Usually yoga pants and a T-shirt because lets face it…crafting is working out
 (at least I tell myself that…hence my ongoing diet).

Then I make a treat (which kinda defeats the aforementioned workout.  I struggle).  

Most often I make something chocolate.  Today it was SWIG COOKIES.  
Texas Tip: In the south we refer to a “SWIG” as taking a small sip of a drink. 
(especially someone else’s drink when you don’t have your own
…like my mamma’s, sister’s or my man’s Diet Coke).

However, this is a recipe I’ve been hearing a lot and seeing a lot of posts about on Pinterest, Twitter, and IG.  There is apparently a shop in St. George that is to die for that makes these cookies.  

This is a knockoff recipe I found on www.vintagerevivals.com  Click here to go directly there.  
Since I’ve never been there I really have no way of knowing if they taste the same, but it seemed like a great idea to try.  My opinion is that these cookies are good, however I prefer a sweeter sugar cookie with even sweeter icing.  #fatgirlproblems
Either way they are quite tasty.  Here is a cute recipe card I designed
for those of you who want it for your files.  They are really easy to make.  
Just right click and save this file.  Then upload to Costco or Sam’s photo site and print as a 4×6 card.

With treats in hand (and a cold Vanilla Coke Zero) on a cute plate like this… that I E6000 glued to a dollar tree candlestick, I then head downstairs to my Craft studio/room/…mess. 
I like to feel fancy when I craft don’t you?
(Picture of the SWIG cookies I made)
Next I go to iTunes, select an audio BOOK to listen to while I craft.
(I usually chose a Harry Potter, Cassandra Clare, or Jane Austen Novel) then I’m ready to create.  
In honor of THAT, I had my amazing hubby silk screen a book bag 
with all the places in the Jane Austen novels. (Also used as a gift for end of year teachers).  
Go to my sweet sister-in-law, Natalie’s blog and enter to win this bag and Teacup Bird-feeder. #shesamiracle #shelovestoread #shegivesmegreatreviewsonbooks
Isn’t it CUTE??
I’m excited for this giveaway, but if you don’t win don’t be sad.  Just click over into my SHOPPE and purchase one there.  Great for the beach, summer reading bag, or just fill with craft supplies.

So there you have it…MY STEPS to TAKE 5 and create:
1. COMFORTABLE CLOTHING (maybe even my night clothes, but I’ll never admit that…)
2. TREATS & a Cold Vanilla Coke Zero (who can honestly create without a little motivation?)
3. AUDIO BOOKS (I still love living through fictional, yet real characters in my life.)
Hope you have enjoyed this post and follow the steps above to TAKE 5 in your life and create not only on Thursday’s but everyday to bring happiness to your life and the life of others.

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    June 4, 2013 at 4:10 am

    today my red headed 7 year old came busting in the house with a package covered in piggy duct tape. "is this for me momma?" "oh I just know it is!" I knew who it was for but I let her open it anyways since she was so excited. She loved it and we can't wait to hang tomorrow after I trip to the hardware store. Thank you so much! It is seriously adorable!

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