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Valentines Day Wreath

This is a very easy and very quick Valentine’s wreath craft to dress up your home. I’ve been so busy lately at my “day job” that I haven’t had much time to decorate. I found a few minutes yesterday evening after dinner and decided I wasn’t gonna waste it! I got right to work since I had already purchased the necessary tools to create this project a few weeks ago. I just needed to plug in my hot glue gun and get to work!

You’ll need a Styrofoam wreath from Hobby Lobby and 2 bunches of flowers. I chose a mini red roses bunch because red is my favorite color. I chose two different sizes of wreaths because I had recently bought two new tobacco baskets from Hobby Lobby. I thought these wreaths would be a perfect Valentines addition. You’ll also need a hot glue gun with hot CLEAR glue sticks and a pair of scissors.

First you will want to pull off every rose from the bunch of artificial flowers you bought. I used two bunches for the small wreath. I also decided to pull off the leaves thinking I might use those as well. Glad I did because I love the look of a little green in this wreath.

I then cut the long part of the underside of the little roses to be flush so it would be easy to hot glue and stick on the wreath. DON’T CUT IT OFF, just shorter. 🙂

Then just start placing the roses close together on your wreath. I added leaves as I went by first placing them where I thought they could fit and then gluing in place.

Look how cute it turned out! I am always surprised how quickly you can make a craft when you have a few minutes. It’s such a stress reliever for me to just sit down, fill a cup up with diet coke, turn on a chick flick movie and start crafting. Seriously that method has probably saved me (and Rob) thousands on therapy. hahaha

Anyway, then just make a cute bow out of ribbon and hot glue that in the center. I went back and forth on adding the bow, but in the end I think it’s cute. Use your judgement on that. 🙂
Here’s the finished product.

Here’s both tobacco baskets on display in my dining room…now to make the larger heart. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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