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This weekend was packed full of excitement and sad farewells.  Our dear friends Jonathan and Michael  (twins) are leaving on LDS missions (Jonathan to Jamaica and Michael to Louisiana) and we attended their farewells.  On a happier note my sons great friend Chandler K. returned from his mission (Nebraska) and we attended his homecoming!  
So with all that going on I needed to have something fast and easy for the weekend.  I chose to make all the fixin’s for Nachos.  With that comes homemade SALSA.  My family could drink this stuff.  Literally.  It last maybe a good week if I’m lucky.  It’s so easy and oh so good.  Over the years I’ve made it I’ve realized that a blender is a beautiful thing.  I should stop chopping so much and just throw it together.  SO that is what I do now.  I love the way that it turns out perfect every time and there is never any worry if it will taste good.  So whip yourself up a batch and see for yourself how divine this bowl of happiness is.  

Start opening these cans.  Put in the blender.  Hard, I know, but worth it. 

Next, gather these babies.  1/2 bunch of Cilantro, a Jalepeno (or half if you aren’t that brave), 5 green onions and a bell pepper.

Next, rough chop all of them.  The blender can take it.  No need to sweat.

Next, place all that on top of the canned goods and seal with the lid.

Pulse the blender until desired consistency.  I like mine a little chunky so I don’t blend much.  It’s really whatever you prefer.  

Oooooo and Ahhhhhh for a minute then pour into a bowl.

Next, open the Tomato Sauce can and pour into  the bowl.

Stir those together and add the rest of the Cilantro.

The smell wafting from your kitchen will bring the kids and the husband in quicker than you can say “SALSA!”.  It’s my favorite herb smell EVER.
Now, comes the seasoning.  I really don’t measure but if I had to guess follow the amounts on the recipe card.  I just shake and taste.  It works good for me.

Many people have asked me what my secret is to making salsa and I would have to say this spice.  You can get it in the SOUTH.  I don’t think they sell it here in Utah.  At least, I’ve not found any.  I get mine at a wonderful place in Texas called Buc-cees.  It’s the BEST all-purpose seasoning and really gives the salsa a kick.  We like things spicy up in here.  You can order some of this magic online.  Just click the AD I have up on the side bar.

Oh the wonderful combo of cajun-zing.  This makes me happy.  I literally add this to everything…except chocolate. 

So, back to the salsa… stir all that up and taste.  It takes about 30 minutes to officially be ready, but its edible immediately and my kids dig in.  
TIP:  If its way too hot for your liking add a 15oz can of tomato sauce or even a little sugar and stir.  I use a full jalepeno so mines a bit spicy.  My hubby likes it that way.

Oh the beauty.  Sure hope you take the time this week to whip up this magic.  It’s divine.  If you happen to have any leftovers just pour into a small mason jar and share with a friend or neighbor.  They will love you forever.

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