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Wheat Bread

This Wheat Bread recipe is NO-Fail!  Promise.  I have never had any issues with it, except not having enough when hungry kids and husband start smelling it baking.   This is my daughter, Krista’s favorite bread…especially alongside a huge bowl of Stew.  

Grab these simple staple ingredients and get started.  



Active Dry Yeast (I keep mine in the fridge in a cute green mason jar)


Vegetable Oil

Whole Wheat Flour

In a LARGE bowl add Luke-Warm Water and stir in the Honey until its dissolved.  

Make sure the water is not too hot or it will kill the Yeast and your bread won’t rise.  I always test the water from the faucet as it’s heating up on the inside of my wrist like a baby bottle. It works perfect.

Then sprinkle Yeast over the water/honey mixture and then stir around a little so it starts to activate and then bubble.  It will take about 5 minutes until it’s ready to add the rest.  You want it nice and bubbly.

Next stir in the salt and vegetable oil.  Add 4 c of Flour at a time with a whisk to stir it all together.  I usually add about 8 c of Flour before I switch over to a wooden spoon and add the rest of the flour.  

You’ll need a wooden spoon for the heavy stirring. Trust me.  

Did I mention making bread gives you great biceps? So…you’re welcome.

Then, turn the dough onto a floured surface and knead by hand until smooth. 

Place that big ole’batch of dough right back in the same large bowl you started with.  I don’t like to mess up more bowls so I lovingly call this “one bowl bread”.

Now, cover the dough with a cute towel and let it rise until double.  Yes, it will rise.  Yes, I do know we used whole wheat flour.  RELAX!  It’s gonna be amazing.

Now in less than 30 minutes you get this…

Perfectly risen dough.  Punch that down, turn over onto a floured surface, cut into four pieces and shape into loaves.  

Now, I usually immediately place into a preheated 350 degree oven, but it you want to you can cover the loaves and let it rise another 30 min.  Up to you.  I don’t have that kinda time unless something else is baking in the oven so that’s that.  It works either way.  I’m impatient and want a slice already.

Cook the loaves for about 30-40 minutes. You want it a little darker than golden brown.  Truth be told I don’t time the baking.  My nose it trained.  I just keep a close watch on it.  Sometimes I take one loaf out of the over and carefully turn it out on its side (on a cloth) and check to see if the bottom is browned as well.  No one wants dough-bread.  It sounds harder than it is I promise.  See?!  Look at that!  Gorgeous bread.

Now, right out of the oven take the bread out of the pans and get a stick of salt d butter andvlet it melt as you rub it all over the top of the loaf.  I do the sides too because I love the sides.  Don’t slice until it’s cooled off at least 30 min.  Then slice away!  IF you have any left you can slice it up, and place in feeezer safe ziplock bags.  This bread will keep in the freezer.  I’ll bring it out frozen, let it thaw and I’m telling you it still tastes like I just made it!  

I sure hope you love this recipe!  

Here’s a free printable for being awesome and for trusting me to show you how to make homemade bread.  Just save the image to your desktop and print!  It’s a 4×6 sized card. 

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