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 My grandma, Ruby Louise Long, used to make these for me when I’d visit her home in Vidor, Texas.  She is a beautiful woman and a wonderful example of love.  Especially since she made me such wonderful meals.  🙂  They are SUPER easy and SUPER yummy.  Also it’s a way to get a hearty breakfast and use up that food storage wheat!  
My BLENDTEC Blender whips these up in a jiffy and we all enjoy the flavor.  You can add more honey for the little ones if needed, but if you use syrup you are good.  No need to alter the recipe.  
Here is a version for you to print and enjoy.  Just click on the photo, right click and save it to your desktop.  Then send it online to Costco or Sams to print on a 4×6 size.  Viola!
A homemade recipe card.  
Here is a picture of my sweet 97 year old Grandma Long…
She is an AMAZING cook.  Literally watched her pull cookie trays from the oven with her bare hands.  SUPER GRANDMA!  

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